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Get Relief for Pinched Nerves in Brampton

Are you suffering from pinched nerve pain? A pinched nerve is typically the result of a bone-related impingement, meaning a joint, bulging or herniated disc is most likely pressing up against a nerve. Therapy from your Brampton chiropractic doctor can be useful in a number of ways.

Chiropractic for Pinched Nerves

Chiropractic treatments help to take the pressure away from the nerve and can greatly reduce local nerve-related pain. But, a pinched nerve doesn’t always manifest itself locally; a pinched nerve may originate in the neck and radiate down the arm. A pinched nerve can even radiate from the lower back and manifest at a point in the leg.

Get Relief

Sandalwood Chiropractic & Wellness Centre can help relieve your symptoms and treat the cause of your pinched nerve. You don’t have to live with the pain — call Sandalwood Chiropractic & Wellness Centre in Brampton today!

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